Scriptures on Leadership

Scriptures on Leadership

It is important to follow Scriptures on Leadership for anyone wanting to make a difference in their sphere of influence. There are many opinions, teachings, books and principles that are ready and available for anyone that searches for them online, but the Bible is the number one source of what effective leadership is all about. We can all make a difference as a leader, but we may not all leave an eternal impact. For us to make an impact that echoes into eternity, we must obey what the Lord says about leadership in the first place.

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Bible Verses About Leadership

These Bible Verses About Leadership I am about to share have brought tremendous fruit in my life. My only hope would be that these Scriptures would help, encourage and even surpass my wildest dreams in ministry and leadership for you personally. Jesus is all that we need in order to see the transformation in ourselves and the world around us.

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Organic Evangelism: 5 Principles for Relational Outreach

Organic evangelism is natural and relational while it’s still organized and focused. Versus machine-like evangelism is more forced, routine, and formulaic. Like a machine. There is no emotion involved, there’s no genuine relationship. Machine evangelism is more of a one-way street. Organic evangelism is a relationship. It’s a two-street. Someone speaks, the other person responds. Organic evangelism involves the emotional love of Jesus. Machine-like evangelism is pure actions and no compassion.

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From Unreached Tribes to Leading in Global Missions

Are you looking for potential leaders to invest in their lives? In your search, don’t look at the appearance, look at the heart. Or can you remember the number of … Continue reading From Unreached Tribes to Leading in Global Missions

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Turning Big Problems into Giant Success Stories

When movements start to be successful, one of the first things people are faced with is how to deal with problems. Learning how to deal with difficulties biblically is vital … Continue reading Turning Big Problems into Giant Success Stories

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How to Have Fruitful Outreaches

The Lord gives us a pattern of how he wants us to transform the world. He laid this wisdom down in the Book of Acts, as well as, modeling it … Continue reading How to Have Fruitful Outreaches

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5,300+ Join YWAM Follow-Up Groups!

We discovered that less than 3% of the emerging generation knows what it means to follow Christ or what it means to go to church on Sundays. That means about 97% of everyone under the age of 18 has absolutely no concept of what it means to go to church on Sunday. So, we had to be realistic and look at our strategy to see if what we were doing to see a transformation in people’s lives was that being effective.