Good Christian Podcast for Everyone: First Love Series

Having a First Love for Jesus is good teaching for everyone to know and live by. Many believe that keeping our First Love first means praying and not going. Others may think to fulfill the Great Commission is going and not praying. Both are wrong. Living for our First Love is praying and going at the same time! The greatest place of intimacy is in our secret place while making an impact.

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Podcast Series Episodes

  1. God’s Passionate Love for Us
  2. When I Saw Jesus’ Eyes
  3. How to Live Completely Fulfilled
  4. Daily Intimacy and Life Vision
  5. Faithfulness in Small and Great
  6. How to Hear God Clearly
  7. Empowering the Greatness in Others
  8. Growth from Difficulties
  9. Being a Godly Influence
  10. Leading with Humility
  11. Hunger and Discipline
  12. Never Burn Out
  13. Intimacy to Massive Impact
  14. Strong Leaders Make Strong Leaders
  15. Good Leaders Have Great Character

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