A Look At 2021 and Onwards

If we look at things with our natural eyes, we’d agree that we’re losing. Churches have been shut down in the Philippines, and we lost all of our international power, and the country has been disrupted with 40% unemployment due to the pandemic. Hunger is skyrocketing. Depression, suicide, sexual abuse, and incest also happen regularly because people are made to stay in their homes. Families have no choice but to stay indoors like never before.  However, if we look at things with a spiritual perspective, with our eyes full of faith, then we’d see that things are working for our good.

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4th Year Ministry Anniversary in the Philippines!

Thank you, everyone, that has helped our vision become a reality!
Since 2016, we have worked with over 70 discipleship movements, communities, and church networks to preach the Gospel to over 414,000 people with over 229,000 commitments to following Jesus!

Church planting movements have exploded, doubling and sometimes tripling in size. Young believers are being empowered to witness and discipleship leader all over the Philippines and various countries in South Asia.

In that time we gave out 3,362 bibles, 12,345 meals and partnered with 33 public schools and campuses!