A Sign of Crisis – Most Christians Don’t Evangelize

One of My greatest pains in missions

One of my greatest pains in missions is seeing thousands of people give their lives to Jesus, thousands join discipleship groups, thousands recieve the Bible, and know that there are millions and billions of people that still do not know who Christ is.

Over 3.14 billion people have no witness, no church, no bible translation, and no missionary near their region or home. But an even sadder case, out of the millions of Christians in the world, around 90% of us have confessed to never sharing our faith with another unbeliever our entire life. 

There are many reasons why we don’t share our faith. We may be intimated, we don’t want to be rude, we don’t want to impose our life unto another person, but all of these reasons come from the wrong angle of evangelism anyway.

Evangelism is called to be out of relationships, out of trust, out of genuine care and love for someone that doesn’t know Jesus Christ. Once we get past all of these false assumptions of sharing Jesus’ love, we come to another hurdle. A majority of Christian don’t know how to share the Gospel even if they were in front of someone that wants to know Jesus!

Before people listen to our words, they will listen to our actions. Our witness of who Jesus is in the simplicity of loving someone. However, once we get there, it is important that we all know how to reveal to them the truth of eternal judgement and the saving power of Jesus Christ. Any other route, is an injustice to society.

“But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?”  (Rom 10:14, NLT)


The good news is Jesus taught us how to share the Good News.

Even all of our missionaries, the first time they come for training, have no idea how to share the Gospel. Yet, through deliberate discipling, love for the lost, prayer, and focus, by the end of their first outreach all of them share to a minimum of 10,000 people. By the time they finish their missionary training, they can’t stop sharing the love of Jesus everywhere they go.

When you sense in that conversation now would be a good time to reveal the story of Jesus, when you are in the phone conversation with your family member that doesn’t know how powerful God’s love is, when you are in these situations, you want to be know that you know how to share the Gospel of Jesus powerfully, relevantly, clearly, and transformationally to that special individual. 

If you want to be prepared for that time, and don’t know how to start, we have all of our workshop teachings from our missionary school in the blog below. Be sure to study it, read it, learn it, and apply it, for that one special moment when you might be that one of kind person that God sends to your unbelieving loved one. We have all of our teachings on the practicalities of how to share the Gospel in our Impact Workshop Podcast Series.

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