Revolutionists in South Asia

*Disclaimer: Names and regions are generalized purposely for protection of the movement. 

Our team arrived in one of the most Persecuted Unreached Nations in the world – ready to share the Gospel. This Nation once had great open doors to Jesus, alongside other religions in the past, but now is completely radicalized in the Anti-Christian beliefs. The leaders of the Nation are planning to rid the entire country of all Christians by 2020. Now, compassion and volunteer organizations have even been blacklisted to avoid any type of “contamination” of influence from foreign belief into the country.

Fourteen hours away from the nearest urbanized center, our team arrived with our local contact and church pastors. Little did we know that a group of violent Revolutionists decided to take over the village with soldiers and AK-47s. Our local contact was actually a blonde American that stood out tremendously in this rural village in turmoil. Nonetheless, our Filipino team looked like natives north of this Persecuted Nation. With their identity concealed in cultural clothing, they were able to bypass any type of harm that would have come to them from the Revolutionists.

When the Revolutionists subsided, our team came out to preach the Gospel to these broken people.

On one hand, they can appease their vengeful gods by sacrificing human or animal blood to them to calm their anger. On the other hand, they can become literal slaves to the Revolutionists Army and be ravaged their whole life as victims of a war they never started. Nevertheless, God has another plan: for them to be adopted into His Kingdom with the forgiving blood of Jesus for their sins if they repent and commit their entire lives to Him as their one Lord and Savior.

Everywhere we went in this village, nine out of ten people gave their lives to Jesus! In a few weeks, hundreds of people gave their lives to Jesus in this Persecuted Forgotten Nation.

Jesus never forgets His creations. Preaching the Gospel and making disciples is one of the ways we can live in the same heartbeat as our Creator.

Every person is worth the sacrifice of risking their lives so that Jesus will be glorified.

Prayer Needs

  1. Pray for the Persecuted Unreached Nations of Asia to come to know the saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Gospel.
  2. Pray for our team to continue having favor in persecuted and closed countries.
  3. Pray for us as leaders to be led by His Holy Spirit in every decision we make and for every prayer and resource to be fulfilled for the purpose of magnifying Jesus’ name.

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