17 Sermons on Godly Relationships

The three major categories godly relationships I learned the most from, which transformed my life for the greater purpose God had designed me for, were the areas of friendships, dating, marriage and family. The more I learned about what God teaches about these relationships, the more I saw long-term change happen in my life.

Coming from a lifestyle of gangs, drugs and sex, learning what God says about relationships was a life-changing lesson. I always found myself after giving my life to Jesus, going back in and out of my lifestyle of sin. I couldn’t quite figure out what the problem was. I love the Lord, I would try to be a faithful witness, I would be convicted in what I knew of the Bible, but it always seemed like I would be pulled back into unhealthy dating, destructive friendships, and ultimately, in worse positions than where I started from. All of this changed once I learned what the Scripture says about relationships. The following teachings will cover all of these subjects.

Godly Relationships Sermon Series

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  1. Godly Relationships 1: Cain Vs. Adam’s Legacy

  2. Godly Relationships 2: Harlot Babylon Vs. Bride of Christ

  3. Godly Relationships 3: How to Create Godly Fellowship

  4. Godly Relationships 4: Discerning Manipulation and Overcoming It (Jezebel and Elijah)

  5. Godly Relationships 5: Conquering Gossip and Slander (John the Baptist and Herodias)

  6. Godly Relationships 6: Defeating Relational Idolatry (Samson and Delilah)

  7. Godly Relationships 7: Integrity Defeats Deceit (Jehu and Jezebel)

  8. Godly Relationships 8: Best Friends Sharpen Each Other (David and Jonathan)

  9. Godly Relationships 9: Friends Have a Mission Together (The Apostles)

  10. Godly Relationships 10: Friends that Change a Nation (Daniel in Babylon)

  11. Godly Relationships 11: Choosing Your Closest Friends (David’s Inner-Circle)

  12. Godly Relationships 12: Proverbs 31 King

  13. Godly Relationships 13: Dating with Boundaries for Jesus

  14. Godly Relationships 14: The Manay’s Marriage Testimony

  15. Godly Relationships 15: Healthy and Unhealthy Dating

  16. Godly Relationships 16: Before Marriage Wisdom (Eph 5)

  17. Godly Relationships 17: Making Marriage Last (Eph 5)

After 10 years of studying the Bible on godly relationships, I am happy to say I now have a beautiful family on the mission field, dedicated and faithful to what the Lord has for us and the nations of the world. One my most consistent prayers is that everyone I can add value to, would grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord and the people around them. We are called to have a godly relationship in our life and once we learn how to intentionally invest into them, we can be a stronger witness to those who do not know Jesus by our words, but also by our lifestyle.

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