Tommy and Claudia are on the Base Leaders of Youth With A Mission Philippines Impact. Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is the largest mission organization on earth. YWAM has trained over 5 million missionaries since the 1956. YWAMers work in every country and have over 1,500 operating locations. There are over 28,000 YWAM missionaries serving in the world today. Their vision is to take part in finishing the Great Commission.

Since Tommy and Claudia met, they have helped coordinate the body of God to reach over a half million people. Their mission primarily focuses on the remaining unreached nations of Asia, as well as the United States of America. They have a heart for the supernatural and powerful practical love of God to be revealed through medical, education, economics, government, family, and more.

Tommy and Claudia are working under the leadership of Mark Anderson, the founder of Impact World, or YWAM Campaigns, which unifies the body of Christ to bring evangelism, discipleship movements, and  community transformation to millions, and Call2all, a movement of over 50,000 global leaders focused on finishing the Great Commission using measurable goals called the “5 Finish Lines.” These partnerships include Wycliff, Campus Crusades, Joshua Project, International Missions Board, Back to Jerusalem movement and more.