Day 11: Speak Life

We set our heart to express ourselves and to communicate in a way that enhances, not diminishes, love. Our words can release life or death inside our heart as well as to others. Paul called us to imitate God by walking in love by purifying our speech.

Meditative Scriptures

  1. 2 Cor. 12:20-21
  2. Mat. 5:33-37
  3. James 3
  4. Pro. 13:2-5
  5. Mat 12:35-37
  6. Ecc. 12:9-14
  7. Pro. 25
  8. Mat. 18


  1. Give different examples of when you spoke life and death to someone. What were the negative and positive consequences of your actions?
  2. Describe why sharing a “white lie” can cause confusion and a lack of integrity in a relationship. How does God feel about “small” lies?
  3. Describe when you are most tempted to speak negatively? Make a plan and commitment on how you will mature in this area.
  4. Give an illustration of how are “fragrance” to God smells when we speak death about others. Explain how you want your “fragrance” to be and why.

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