I Am Impact – Short Documentary


We believe the Philippines will be a launching pad for leaders of movements to launch out from. While many countries in Asia persecute people who believe in Jesus, the Philippines is a place where there is little or no persecution, and people not only believe in Jesus, they are proud to be associated with Him. People worldwide can also easily access the Philippines to get trained in Mission work, unlike in some countries, such as the United States of America, where visas are very difficult to receive.

If only the Filipinos in the countries with restricted access to the gospel will know Jesus and take Him to those nations, our task of fulfilling the Great Commission would be hastened. We are hopeful about this and doing all we can to make it happen.

It is essential that a nation like this, with open arms to the gospel, should have a base where people from all over can come to and be trained on how to carry out our Lord’s assignment effectively.

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