Missional Church Shift Book

Having a vision for a Missional Church Shift with our communities, discipleship groups, and organizations is more important now than ever, the closer we come to Jesus’ return. As global shakings increase, understanding the meaning of key Bible verses and principles from scripture is the only solid foundation to build upon. This book will teach you how to apply the following:

  • Why does God Himself require us to have a missional perspective in all of life’s categories?
  • How are we called to continue living a successful and sustained missional lifestyle?
  • What needs to be done to maximize outreach impact?
  • How can we develop a missional leadership team for the glory of Jesus Christ?

Join the thousands of disciples, communities, and churches to make a Missional Church Shift for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Become a leader during this crucial window of opportunity and help hasten the return of Jesus.

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