Launching Churches in the Philippines

The year 2020 started with Call2All Philippines. A strategic national leaders’ collaboration, which included the beginning phases of collaborating churches across the nation to reach the Philippines together through evangelism, discipleship, and church-planting movements.

This nationwide movement would be tactically planned for over ten years with the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches and our international leadership team. With this nationwide initiative, we would be able to strategically lay the foundation for equipping and deploying one million Filipinos to the persecuted nations of Asia. In the future, the Philippines would act as a strategic missionary hub in fulfilment of the Great Commission.

Coronavirus Lock Down

As we all know, the Coronavirus hit the world, and things have not been the same since then. Within forty-eight hours, a national lockdown was instituted in the Philippines to curb the spread of the virus. In less than thirty days, martial law took over the country. Until now, in some parts of the Philippines, tanks, soldiers, and policemen are marching the streets – keeping everyone in their homes and even off their own front yards.

Churches are shut down. Millions are facing starvation. An Anti-terrorism Bill was signed into place, allowing the government to jail, phone tap, and do whatever they wanted to anyone they deemed as an enemy of the state. The open nation of the Philippines is slowly beginning to have a communistic face due to our President’s upbringing and inspired philosophies of government ruling. That’s the situation we’re in.

What we know historically with revivals and reformation is that crisis is usually an opportunity for a move of God. With a long-term sustainable plan and national leadership, we can have a great harvest of new disciples even in this crisis.

Crises paves the way for revival

“Shaking, harvest, shaking, and harvest.”

This is the global and spiritual perspective from our organization’s Founder, Mark Anderson. Now is the time to prepare for the great harvest, and not shrink down into doubt and survival. The Kingdom of God, biblically and historically, exponentially grows under conflict. In the same manner, we should, in modern times, seek to increase as well.

The first step that we’re practically taking right now is getting ready for the harvest that’s going to occur as this crisis comes to an end. We already see fruit as we speak.

Our local region has 200 new disciples from the COVID-19 Relief & Development Ministry we’ve been doing.

The major priority for this long-term mandate is to disciple leaders that can lead the movement. And recently, we organize different training sessions to equip leaders for the task ahead.

We train them to develop a certain type of skill relevant to the nationwide movement as we continue our partnership with the local churches in continuation of this divine assignment.

Our ultimate goal is to see the nation of the Philippines even more prepared for a national and global move of God. All these begin and end with discipling native leaders. The history of missions shows that foreigners are a good catalyst for the work of God. But the fulfillment of that move has to be completed by the native disciples themselves to be self-sustaining in the long run.

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