2020 Year End Report – Year of the Coronavirus



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This article is dedicated to all of our partners without which this work could not be possible.

This article is dedicated to all of our partners without which this work could not be possible. As the world faced the Coronavirus and went under lockdown, the economic situation became harder, and the situation became other, but you stuck by us, and you stood by our aside, and we are grateful for this.

We appreciate you, and we want to say a very big thank you for everything you invested into the field, we are grateful for your support even in this hardest of times, your gifts and investments went a long way, and we know that God is going to reward the works of your hands and bless you for all you have done for us. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped us through these times, these have been some of the hardest we’ve faced over the years, not just out in the field and in mission’s history compared to previous years but also the world, in general, owing to the Pandemic.

Every single investment you made, every gift given overseas truly mattered at this moment, lives were touched, and the work was done to God’s glory. God will multiply everything that you have sown into the lives that are suffering, the victims of the Pandemic you have helped, God will increase and bless the works of your hands.

Thank you.


God’s Unstoppable Love

Rom 8:38-39 (NLT) And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. [39] No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The year 2020 for us was astonishing, surprising, and incredibly joyful all at the same time, also one of the greatest catastrophes the nation and the world has ever experienced. It was something we would never have predicted, but still, some of the greatest breakthroughs were also prevalent. The year was filled with highs and lows, a national movement that was beginning to take off and then a worldwide pandemic that scared the world and changed the lives of billions of people across the globe, yet in the midst of everything, God’s love was completely unstoppable and couldn’t be separated from people, and as long as we continue to aid and help other people, we will see that unstoppable love, and we will carry that love, and nothing will ever be able to stop it.

The Bible shares that nothing can separate us from the love of God, we were able to experience that scripture through the beginnings of a nationwide movement, a volcano erupting, a global pandemic, seeing a family in prostitution set free, and Filipino leaders raise up like never before. While all of the hopes for 2020 were not fulfilled, God was able to reveal his love in such a way that we never would have thought, his love was unstoppable and continued to touch the lives of people everywhere we went Let’s take a look at everything that God did in 2020 and rejoice that his love has never ceased, giving him thanks.


Call2all Nationwide Planning Begins

Every Island. Every Neighborhood. Every Filipino.

2020 began with an amazing collaborative launch with the national leaders of the Philippines for the Christian body. At the end of January, we gathered more than 100 Filipino leaders that represented all of the major 18 regions of the country and began collaborating over specific goals that we were all going to agree on that had to do with the completion of the Great Commission Call2all is a gathering of all the leaders that allowed us to set up common goals and come to that agreement with the leaders, helping them strategize and unify instead of different people doing different things, fighting for territory or organization or denominations. Call2all is simply a way for us to organize everything that needs to be done and begin to work in that direction with one goal and direction in mind. These goals all have to come from the Bible, and as we measure this out, we can efficiently progress towards this goal as a nation.

And the goal would be that all of us unite together as leaders in every sector of society, in business to education, government and religion pouring all our resources towards this one goal of finishing the Great Commission and at the end, we track our progress, strategize, make corrections and see where we need to move forward and maximize or redirect our efforts.

Our organization’s founder, Mark Anderson, shared the vision of Call2All Philippines, beginning a ten-year plan to reach every Filipino in the country. This movement involves creating a one-of-a-kind app that will track all of the Great Commission activity in the entire nation, from prayer, evangelism, and discipleship, by name, to each Filipino. Knowing the data and tracking means that we have all the facts, and we know where we would go and where we wouldn’t. We have seen this in different countries all around the world in the past, once Call2all started measuring and tracking data from bible translations and reaching people, more work was done in the past twenty years than in the first two thousand years towards the finishing of the Great Commission, and this is because we have had a common goal and it was tracked, having data points and places of concentration we that we could go after in unity. Essentially, we have a system that allows us to grade ourselves and know what areas to focus on and what areas to put on hold and we wanted to see that happen in the Philippines in a more comprehensive level.

The Call2All Philippines app will be able to catalyze every single Christian missionary organization, business, leader, and network to unify and be able to finish the Great Commission in the Philippines. We look forward to the next Call2All Congress in 2021, focusing on bringing together the body of God and nationwide to reach the entire country for Jesus.


Taal Volcano Eruption

In the same week of the Call2All Gathering in January was also the Taal volcano eruption, which led to nearly a million Filipinos displaced because they lived in close proximity with the Taal Volcano, and they had to be displaced from their homes because of the eruption and into evacuation centers. Taal volcano is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world because of the densely populated region around it, including our campus and home. God miraculously protected our place, but all around the volcano itself was devastation.

After responding to a nationwide collaboration, we responded to the Taal volcano eruption and encountered hundreds of families that were left homeless, living in people’s living rooms. When they came to the evacuation centers and the families that adopted them, they were covered in muddy ash. They lost everything from their farms, housing, churches, businesses, and more. A problem arose with the issue of space as the government couldn’t provide space for everyone, so people began to take them into their homes, local churches welcoming the homeless with open arms and even though they didn’t have enough food or money, they still welcomed the homeless with love. And through this we kept seeing God’s unstoppable love, and we learnt that you can change things and make things happen just by showing people love and caring for the, you may not have the money or have a plan or resources, but we could change the world.

We were able to rebuild a local church that was completely destroyed, give out relief packages and hygiene kits as well as help take partnership in the church planting that would follow after the relief work. The response was so great by the local churches that they decided to unite together to reach the entire area. However, a month later, there was the COVID-19 lockdown.


World’s Longest Lockdown Begins

By March in the Philippines, the national lockdown for the country was in 48 hours. We had less than a weekend to store our food and prepare our team and be ready for the unknown of what later turned out to be the longest lockdown in the entire world (Manila Bulletin). Little did we know what God would do with our hearts and our organization and the movement during this lockdown [that is still continuing.]

We went from coordinating 300 international missionaries a year, sometimes as many as 40 countries at one time, down to doing our missionary work with 15 Filipino missionaries. We went from launching a nation and trying to deal with a volcanic eruption and building out our staff and our team to wondering how we would get through this, a lot of this had happened in that short time including the whole nation being completely shut down. Military checkpoints at almost every single zip code, we couldn’t go anywhere, and we couldn’t do anything but just stay home.

The Pandemic caught us by surprise, and this has becomes the world’s longest continuous lockdown, and unlike other places around the world, the Philippines started in March, and we’re preparing for it to be up to two-three years. Unlike the USA, we can’t do what we want. All of our base activities were shut down. Around 40% of the country is unemployed (Social Weather Stations Survey) As the lockdown continued, we also learned that much of the relief care packages that were to be distributed to the nation were missing, which left millions of Filipinos going hungry. We discovered that many of them, out of starvation, began eating leaves as their only source of food. As Claudia and I continued praying, the Lord put it on our hearts that we must do something.


COVID-19 Relief Operations

During one of the family meals that we were having, my stomach began feeling abnormally grumbly, and as I was praying, I began to feel the impression of how many millions of people all around us were hungry. While our family was able to choose the food that we wanted to eat, there were many families out there, or dads had to talk to their kids and tell them that they had no food. When the children and family members asked, “How long?” Dads had to reply, “We don’t know.” I looked at my daughters and saw that they had what they needed, and God reminded me that there were many people out there that didn’t.

At this point, I started feeling overwhelmed by the great need that surrounded us. In comparison to the thousands of families that were in need, I felt terribly small and insignificant to be able to help any kind of impact during COVID-19. However, through the prayers and support of everybody that helped us, we were able to make a difference.

This began our COVID-19 relief operations, where we were able to give out 60,000 meals and see 200 new disciples raised up in our quarantine location. Until now, we are still visiting our neighbors and helping them during the COVID-19 lockdowns, as well as discipling them with the love of Jesus Christ. Our region used to be very closed to the gospel. In the past, there have been many missionaries that came from different cults and charged them for their salvation and eternity. When they realized that we were there just for them to show the love of God, they were amazed. Over time, we became close friends. Even one of the families has sent their son to join our missionary staff and training school.


Why We Stayed on the Field

Along the lines of May, around the world, many missionaries, and even most of our partners began to head back to their homes. They advised that we too leave the Philippines and head home as well. But looking around and seeing the team we had built; they were all Filipinos who had left the comfort of their homes to be there with us and carry out God’s work. All were interested in being a part of what God was doing. With this revelation, Claudia and I decided that this place had become our home, and leaving would be like leaving family behind, also letting the mission and movement die. This is why we stayed out on the field. It was evidence of God’s love. And as we drove through the country, we would see empty public schools and empty communities. It was a depressing sight, seeing how much was lost within the course of two months. People had begun to turn to God; the entire school districts were looking unto God and were beginning to accept the gospel; souls had been won. We were making progress, but now it seemed like everything we had done in the past, all our sacrifices, seemed to have all been for nothing; watching everything we had built slowly perish was very challenging and depressing for us.

But, Claudia and I set out to see how we could be the hope in a time where it seemed like all hope was lost. We worked with a children’s home, which is basically an orphanage. During this course, we attracted a lot of orphans who heard God’s call and obeyed. They came to work with us and the full-time staff, with us, doubled.

It was not long before the new vision that Christ had conveyed to us took effect as we turned our eyes from gathering disciples to focusing on the love of God, staying together as one family, and doing the work of God with effect. So instead of looking at the tens of thousands we could no longer reach, our directions changed to looking at the “ten” we had with us. The same energy and time we would have put into reaching the “tens of thousands” we put into discipling the “ten” we did have.

God kept laying it in our hearts to keep our focus on the minor even after the lockdown ends. That this would become the “New Normal,” this family love and strength, the passion for going forth and spread his love, this would become our new normal.

Now that it had been made clear to us what and where our focus should be, we were ready for the Lord to move in a different way, from the masses to the singles.

It’s amazing to see what God will do if we just pray and allow ourselves to be used by him. We can’t express how thankful we are for everyone that has been praying and supporting this family through all of our efforts. And as we stayed in the field, God revealed to us that the spirit of the harvest was in front of those that didn’t leave.

From Orphans to Leaders

2020 was a fantastic year to see ownership of our Filipino leaders, like never before. COVID-19 gave a unique challenge to everybody that remained on the mission field. No longer can you be on the mission field because of wanting to travel or experience an adventure like so many young missionaries do, but the missionary field became a place like it is in many other countries of the world. The missionary field became a place where struggle, hardship, sacrifice, and commitment were the only things that kept you in a country. What we saw from our young Filipino leaders was those exact attributes come out of them.

We are now working together with our international staff being trained in America and our national Filipino staff training in the Philippines. We will continue multiplying and training our staff for our Call2Allnational campaign launch, hopefully beginning in the 4th quarter of 2021. While many were attempted to go home and quit with what looked like unconquerable obstacles, all of our Filipino staff decided to stay, and now we’re training more Filipino missionaries to go back home or join us full-time so that we can continue the work in the nation and also overseas as soon as possible.


Freedom from Prostitution

Early in the year, God also opened up the door for us to work with women in prostitution. June 2020 brought about great testimony. The breakthrough throughout this period was sensational. Remembering the red-light ministry we did before, a lot of women left prostitution. There was one that really kept in contact with us and did not deviate from the path of God. She is a single mom has three kids, which makes them a family of four.

Claudia was specifically drawn to ministering to her. They exchanged contact numbers, and soon later, she messaged us and told us that she had left prostitution and she has now found a new job and has moved her family to a safe location because she knew that God was calling her to leave that lifestyle.

Due to the drastic economic situation during the lockdown, her family was starving. She had begun considering the option of returning to doing some illicit activities that would fetch enough money to feed her children. But she knew that she was called by God for a greater purpose and that if she returned to her old ways, there would never be anything good for her.

In this time of her life, she reached out to us, and we began to help her in every way we saw possible.

We visited her and gave her a supply of food and also treated her kids out to ice cream; yet, as we came into her room, we noticed that it was completely pitch dark. The electricity was shut off for months because they couldn’t afford to pay the bills. The house itself was a five by ten square feet room with no running water; Claudia asked the kids, “What do you do all day?”

And they said, “All we do is sleep.”

Claudia asked, “What do you do when you wake up?”

And they said, “All we do is sleep again because we’re so hungry and it’s so dark that there’s nothing else that we can do because we can’t leave our homes because of the military lockdowns.”

We were utterly shocked and sad at the gruesome situation that they were living in, but also many other Filipinos. While we couldn’t change the whole country, we asked the Lord if there’s something that we can do with this specific family, mainly because the mother that left prostitution was so eager to follow God and do whatever he taught. We also saw that the enemy was attacking her because she left selling her body, and now that she lost her job again, the temptation for money can come back. We knew if we didn’t do something fast, the devil was going to move in. We found her a job, and we also found her a good enough home that would house her near our campus and her children comfortably that was double the size for only $10 more a month. God used her community and ours to transform her life completely.

She is now greatly accepted in her new community and is beginning counseling and discipleship for her and her family so that they may know their new identity in Jesus Christ. Proving that to us all that God’s love is unstoppable, even in the toughest of times, his love would prevail over our lives as long as we are ready to say yes to him. His love is inseparable, and even though we may not have everything to help everyone, the few people we help in our little ways, God’s love shines forth through us as it did with this woman.


Next Generation Leaders

A dramatic transformation from babies to adults; the disciples of God that were recruited during and before the lockdown had grown so much within the course of a few months. What usually would have taken three years to do was done in just four months. Their character had improved, and most had found depth in life and God. The ones who wished to get married, developed a mature foundation and had godly marriages. Their appetite for all things God grew so great that those who would sleep for twelve hours were now fasting for forty days and seeing the hand of God in their lives.

A relief program was created through the leaders that we trained within the past months. And from July till October, we focused on expansion. There was a recruitment of new members into the relief centers positioned in different locations across the country. Doing this was to ensure that the movement and cause would not die even when we are not there.

The relief centers used to be very foreigner dependent, but during the lockdown and after our training programs, it became dependent on the locals. The Filipinos were heading almost everything in the relief centers. The region was and doing very well with it. Rising up indigenous leaders to take over a project is a value that compounds over time. Intentionally modeling the love of God through the teaching of his word to a small number of people is better than having a large multitude without any ownership in their lives. God had brought us back to refocus our thoughts on the few that we had, and that had helped us to grow significantly in unity and charity. With this focus, we derived much more fruit than imaginable.


Super Typhoon Flooding

As 2020 came to a close, we went from catastrophic volcano eruptions, a global pandemic, to three typhoons hitting the Philippines within a week. One of the typhoons was a super typhoon that has not been experienced by the country since 2013. Typhoon Rolly caused the country to evacuate more than a million people. When the typhoon hit, it was one of the strongest typhoons the country has ever felt. Families were left in floods, and sadly, some families were buried alive with this typhoon. Miraculously when this typhoon came to us, it started slowing down.

The governor of our province, Cavite, announced that our province was in a state of calamity. Families that were by the shorelines and by rivers were evacuated into centers. These centers were experiencing a tremendous amount of difficulty because of the COVID-19 guidelines. In some of the evacuation centers, there were 1000 people diagnosed with COVID-19, and now, because of the typhoon, they were forced to live in close proximity with each other. Some of these families were still recovering from the first typhoon in 2013, seven years earlier. However, when the typhoon minutes away from entering our province, it began to slow down dramatically.

Basically, approximately twenty typhoons had hit the Philippines in the year 2020. After the volcano eruption earlier that year, there were some inhabitants that lived close to the volcano that had returned there to live, and others were adopted by some families. These ones having no jobs or losing their jobs during the lockdown were unable to feed themselves, and then comes the typhoon. It washed over them and destroyed most or all of their possessions. And with all this happening, this is where we saw and understood the love the Filipinos had for each other and how they saw themselves as a family even with everything happening around us; this was a turning point for us, and it showed us just how powerful God’s love is, even if we weren’t the ones doing it. And for us, looking back home, with the election and everything going on in the United States, a place that had everything and comparing it with the position and place we were in, with a military lockdown and the COVID-19 Pandemic, these people still loved more and more daily, and it was clear that God’s love is and will remain unstoppable.

Thank you to all of our prayer warriors and supporters that God protected us from this super typhoon devastating our province. Yet, there are still thousands of families that have been affected by this typhoon that we hope to help in some form or another.

We found that the families that were devastated by the Taal volcano eruption, remained locked down in stranger’s homes for nearly a year, and are now being overwhelmed again by the super typhoon Rolly. Since God gave us a great opportunity with our relief operations program, we hope to continue working with the victims of not only the first volcano eruption but also the super typhoon catastrophe that has hit these families once again.

Our aim is to continue building and strengthening the local church movements in the region. With this collaborative effort, we will be able to, once again, not only work for the relief but the rehabilitation of the homes and the spiritual development of these families. While none of us can make a huge difference just by ourselves, we can make a great difference as we unite as the body of God together for short-term catalytic work and long-term development.

2021 Vision and Goals

The first Call2All in the Philippines took place in 2011. During that Congress, the Philippine Evangelical Council of Churches made a commitment to multiply their churches from 60,000 to 120,000 by the year 2020. The predominant focus would be that this church multiplication would occur in the outskirts of the country where the people are at least reached. And with everything that happened in 2020, with us struggling and fighting every day, we still stepped forward, achieved some of our goals, and we intend to achieve more.

And while 120,000 churches weren’t established, there were 20,000 more churches established, Making a total of 80,000 churches in the Philippines. The total amount of believers is 13 million, which represents more than 10% of the country. We intend to increase these numbers, and carry forth the work and do as much as we can. We are ready; despite the struggles and things we have gone through, we are more than ready to continue and to make progress, our mission is not over, and we will not stop until we take God’s love and show it to everyone. Making disciples everywhere and reaching every sector with the power of God, being the salt of the earth and the light of the world, making an impact for the kingdom here on earth as disciples.

The Bible speaks of persecution and trials that are faced for the sake of the harvest, and that the same for us and our team, no matter how tough this gets, we are not relenting, and we are going to keep pushing the kingdom forward as long we have breath in us, and even when we are no more, the gospel of Jesus will be continue being carried to the ends of the earth.

As we look to the future of church planting, there are 42,000 regions that are total in the Philippines. Around 19,000 of them still remain without a church movement. This is the major focus of where we want to see these church planting movements.

However, we do know that these church planting movements won’t occur by your typical church set up. They’ll have to be developed in every sphere of society, in the marketplace, in school, in basketball courts, as many of these regions that remain are actually the regions that are predominantly Muslim.

Church in Every Basketball Court

Nearly every single town in the Philippines has a basketball court; there are nearly 25,000 of them. Basketball is one of the major predominant sports in the nation. With the collaboration of nationwide leaders and churches, organizations, governmental leaders, and business leaders, we are aiming to have a church in every single basketball court in the country; we intend to step out of the church as we know it, we want to begin a church without walls, a church that can be found everywhere, taking in everyone. This will run not only to see disciples made but to see communities transformed. We want a community of believers, worshipping and prayer, fellowshipping together, and also getting discipled. People may not always go to a Sunday church, but they will step into someplace like a basketball court or a public school, a place they are familiar with, and in time they may go to church as their relationship with God waxes stronger.

Basketball in the country is very famous because it is used to promote community unity in the nation. With most of the country living off of less than $2 a day, basketball is a place where everybody can unite and have fun together, despite hardships that they may be facing.

Church in Every Public School

More than half of the country is under the age of 21, which means that there are 23 million youths inside the public schools of the country. This is an important fact to know, as the educational sphere in the nation is open to the gospel and discipleship. We have seen millions of people across the country give their life to Jesus, and we have seen regional church networks adopt school districts. Before the lockdown, we had over eight entire school districts open to our long-term campaigns. Now, what we want to see is every single school district, and every school, and every student and teacher reach with the gospel and also be connected to a discipleship group.

Church in Every Sphere of Society

We want to see a church in every sphere of society, and we want to raise an army of believers that function in every sphere of life, from the government, education, armed forces, medical hospitals, businesses, and more. We want to see Churches in every sphere and taking over the world with the love of God.

Reaching Every People Group

There are still 5.5 million unreached people in the nation. These unreached people groups are predominantly Muslim and indigenous tribes. There are 5.1 million Muslims in the country that are still highly unreached. One of the goals that we are preparing for is to train the 13 million believers to not only reach their neighborhoods, their countries, their school districts, campuses, businesses, government, but we also want them to reach out to the least reached in the nation.

There are more than 10 million Filipinos that work overseas, that is about 10% of the entire country’s population. In the East alone, there are over 3 million Filipinos. In the persecuted nations of Asia, there’s a total of almost 4 million Filipinos working. With our 10-year plan in the Philippines, we not only want to engage every Filipino in the nation, but we also want to deploy 1 million Filipinos to the persecuted nations of the world. While they are working in the marketplace, they will also be strategically trained to reach out to the unreached people groups that they work with and live amongst.

All.Philippines App

Another significant development that we are working on in the Philippines is an All.Philippines app that will be able to track all of the activity that is being done in the country; to every person being trained for, a person that heard the gospel, and a person that is being connected to a discipleship group. We want to be able to track and record this progress, giving us the ability to innovate and use technology in completing the Great Commission.

With the Philippines being one of the most significant users globally of Facebook, we can use social media as one of the ways to track the individuals that are being connected. While addresses are generally not fitted into Google maps, we could find some creative way to use pin drops to be able to map out where all the people are in the country. No matter the obstacles, we want to continue to lead with real data.


After COVID-19 Planning

Mark Anderson, our founder, and president taught us with his 40 years of missionary experience in every country of the world that after every shaking is a harvest. He was teaching us that these shakings will continue to increase, but the harvest will continue to increase as well. This Pandemic isn’t a time to shrink, but it’s a time to live wisely and prepare for what the Lord has in store for the nations of the world. It is time to train and prepare for the future.

During these lockdowns [that are still continuing and may continue for another week be to two years], we had seven of our staff train in Kansas City with Mark Anderson. The seven staff will come back and help us establish more of the movement that is impacting the Philippines, but also the persecuted nations around us. We are continuing to prepare for the Call2All Congress in 2021 later in the year. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, we are developing everything that we need to help launch the nation into a decade of discipleship and transformation. God has also given us a twenty-nine-acre campus that can hold a hundred and fifty people, we intend to develop it to hold six-hundred people, and we are still focused on developing the location and also the people that will carry this vision.

We hope to strategically work with every sector of society in reaching the country. There are over 80,000 churches that are established in the country and over 13 million Christian Filipinos. This vast army in the nation is more than enough to reach out to every Filipino in the country.

While COVID-19 was greatly used by the enemy to slow down the efforts of the kingdom, we see that God’s love cannot be separated from his people. As long as we continue in faith, pray, and remain obedient to the loving commands of our Father in heaven, we will always see an advancement of his kingdom. Just as nothing separates us from the love of the Father, nothing should separate us from loving each other as well.

While 2020 had many obstacles and Goliaths that faced us, we saw many opportunities. We also saw many victories to see Goliath fall all around us. While we are still in military lockdown and may still continue to be in lockdown throughout 2021, we now know more than ever how good and how powerful Jesus actually is. Never have we been so inspired and filled with joy to follow Jesus as we do now. We are maximizing opportunity and taking advantage of things that weren’t there before but now is we are doing everything possible to use what God has given us, even with the lockdowns and the circumstances beyond our control, to take the work of God as far as possible. Nothing is slowing down our progress, and we are making more progress because we are focusing on the right priorities and focusing on the right things. Even if restrictions continue, or get worse, we look forward to doing his work and spreading his love to as many people as we can, regardless of how many giants we must face. With everything that has happened and will happen, God’s love is saying if we say yes to God’s unstoppable love, then and God’s love remains unchangeable, and the church will continue to grow stronger.

Thank You for Your Unstoppable Love

Thank you so much for your prayers and belief in our family and mission. Thank you for your help and your investments; we wouldn’t be able to do this without you, you are the backbone of these things we do, and you have helped tremendously. We are incredibly grateful to you, and we know none of this is possible without you saying yes to Jesus, so thank you for pouring in the mission and for your limitless love that you have given, going out of your country and into the nations. We look forward to updating you more on everything that God is doing in all of the Philippines.

Stay connected to our family and our mission through social media on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube @TheManays and our website, “TheManays.com.” we are grateful for everything you have done for us, and words are not enough to express how grateful we are, thank you for your help during this Pandemic. Even though it seems like it’s impossible to do anything, you’ve made it possible to follow God’s will, and we cannot thank you enough.

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