Tommy and Claudia are Campus co-directors of Youth With A Mission Philippines Impact. Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is the largest missions organization on earth. YWAM has trained over 5 million missionaries since the 1956. YWAMers work in every country and have over 1,600 operating locations. There are over 28,000 YWAM missionaries serving in the world today. Their vision is to take part in finishing the Great Commission.
What is evangelism

What is Evangelism?

Evangelism is important because most Christian nations in the world, such as America and South Korea, the top mission-sending countries in the world now have less than 3% of their next-generation following Jesus. Now is more important than ever to understand and renew what we believe evangelism is and how we do it, and how we make it part of the regular lifestyle that we’re supposed to be having with Jesus.

bible verses god is love

25+ Bible Verses on God is Love

The love of God is much different in scripture versus to how the world defines love by secular terms. As a human, to get love, love needs to be expressed and showed. As an expression of love, we tattoo the names of our loved ones and we never ashamed of others seeing it. John 3:16 clearly shows us what love means to God? “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

orchestra rap

Gangster to Orchestra Rap: My Journey in Rapping

It’s always been a great joy of mine to listen to orchestra, rap and specifically the violin and piano. Five years ago, finding a classical piano player and violinists to work with you on a song was a complicated matter. Even after working as a full-time prayer missionary in Kansas City, where musicians literally worship God with live music 24/7 for the last 20 years, I still could not find an open door for those instruments I’ve been looking for. My journey began with trying to express God’s heart for the lost through orchestra and rap. Looking back, it was quite a journey to where God took me today as a missionary, from where I came from as a gang member in Los Angeles, California.

Scriptures on Discipleship

Scriptures on Discipleship

The Bible has multiple bible verses on being a disciple of Jesus. Learning and applying them is key to ourselves growing as disciples, and making disciples of Jesus in all the nations of the world, including the one we are living in. The greatest revelation and authority from Jesus comes through obedience. As we discover what the Bible says about scripture, let’s allow ourselves to be challenged in applying them daily.

Scriptures on Leadership

Scriptures on Leadership

It is important to follow Scriptures on Leadership for anyone wanting to make a difference in their sphere of influence. There are many opinions, teachings, books and principles that are ready and available for anyone that searches for them online, but the Bible is the number one source of what effective leadership is all about. We can all make a difference as a leader, but we may not all leave an eternal impact. For us to make an impact that echoes into eternity, we must obey what the Lord says about leadership in the first place.

bible verses on leadership

Bible Verses About Leadership

These Bible Verses About Leadership I am about to share have brought tremendous fruit in my life. My only hope would be that these Scriptures would help, encourage and even surpass my wildest dreams in ministry and leadership for you personally. Jesus is all that we need in order to see the transformation in ourselves and the world around us.

organic evangelism

Organic Evangelism: 5 Principles for Relational Outreach

Organic evangelism is natural and relational while it’s still organized and focused. Versus machine-like evangelism is more forced, routine, and formulaic. Like a machine. There is no emotion involved, there’s no genuine relationship. Machine evangelism is more of a one-way street. Organic evangelism is a relationship. It’s a two-street. Someone speaks, the other person responds. Organic evangelism involves the emotional love of Jesus. Machine-like evangelism is pure actions and no compassion.

graceful evangelism

Graceful Evangelism: 5 Biblical Principles for Effective Ministry

Have you ever encountered that person that evangelizes with no grace in their words? Someone we met that preaches the gospel and does more harm than good? Where they see people as projects or points on a belt, instead of as human beings. That’s not the heart of Jesus. Jesus was a messenger of the gospel because he loved people. At the foundation of graceful evangelism is love. Those that are filled with love have effective communication with other people and the power of the holy spirit. We must also learn what it means to have biblical and graceful evangelism.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

We get the word apocalypse from apokalupsis. It is found in the Bible in Revelations 1:1 for the revelation (apokalupsis or apocalypse) of Jesus. Then it means that it’s the apocalypse of Jesus Christ, which is also the revelation of Jesus Christ. The word apocalypse isn’t supposed to be so much focused on the doomsday of all of the creation but focused on the revelation of who the man Jesus Christ is as God and Savior.

ywam locations philippines

4th Year Ministry Anniversary in the Philippines!

Thank you, everyone, that has helped our vision become a reality!
Since 2016, we have worked with over 70 discipleship movements, communities, and church networks to preach the Gospel to over 414,000 people with over 229,000 commitments to following Jesus!

Church planting movements have exploded, doubling and sometimes tripling in size. Young believers are being empowered to witness and discipleship leader all over the Philippines and various countries in South Asia.

In that time we gave out 3,362 bibles, 12,345 meals and partnered with 33 public schools and campuses!