Discover Your Missional Impact (Free Download) – Signs of Effective Evangelism and Discipleship Movements

We have put together these levels of impacts, which I call the Good, Bad, and Ugly. They are everything we’ve learnt from the good, bad and ugly; everything that makes the whole thing look good; everything that makes the whole thing look terrible; everything that is absolutely ugly about it. This is because we want it to be very practical and realistic in what was fruitful and what brought the result when we did it. We wanted to be effective and grow correctly without deceiving ourselves.

Basically, the levels of impact helped us see or achieve with the groups or organizations we were working with:

  1. Developing movement, multiplying, growing and expanding.
  2. A fun, energetic, and lively environment but ultimately no or little impact.
  3. The growth of the organization or group but not substantial to multiply significantly.
  4. Stagnant, digressing, ultimately dying.

Here are a couple of things that have helped our experiences in training many leaders and organizations over the years. Their long-term success is determined by their skills or tools, the leadership development impact they would have on their environment, and what the leader or group decided they needed to learn, depending on where they are on the spectrum.

Study the quadrants for clearer details.

missional impact

Depending on where leaders fall determines how we can help them improve or grow God’s vision.

It is important to know that these are not like buckets but a sliding scale where some of these might land.

There are four requirements that allow them to go forward. I will start with quadrant 1 and work backwards.

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