Compassion Testimony: Freedom from Prostitution During COVID-19 Lockdown

During our Red Light Ministry, we have seen women set free from a lifestyle of prostitution and sex slavery. Even managers of brothels received Jesus Christ as their Lord. Claudia developed a spirit-led and impactful relationship with a woman. After Claudia shared the Good News of Jesus with her, she joyfully left a lifestyle of prostitution immediately. Since then, she never returned to her old lifestyle. Rather, she moved her children away from her previous location to keep them safe and also secured an honorable job.

On-Going Relief and Discipleship

During Martial Law, this woman reached out to us saying that she has a job, but now her job no longer operates because of the lockdown. “My family is starving,” she lamented. She messaged us with the remaining airtime on her phone. We were able to help her with relief goods and spiritual support for the time being.

Now that we’re able to travel through different parts of our region, we were able to reach out to her more. She was still in need. So, we visited her. We discovered that she and her kids live in a room that’s under 100 square feet. They have no bathroom. They only have a public bathroom with the rest of the community.

We were able to continue discipleship with her and her two kids. Indeed, modeling God’s provision and wisdom during this crisis has created a great opportunity to testify about how great God’s sacrificial and generous love is.

Again it’s amazing news that she still hasn’t returned to prostitution in spite of the difficult times. She has a new job now, but sadly all the jobs in the Philippines have been cut to 50%. Meaning, she barely has any money to pay for her bills and feed her family as a single mother.

We are praying about different ways we can help her get more sustainable income and also help her develop spiritually as a new disciple of Jesus. By the power of the Holy Spirit, her family has grown into wholehearted worshippers of Jesus for the rest of their lives.

Keep this beautiful family in your prayers. We want to see them step into their fullness, just like we would see any other disciples. Also, please join us in praying for all of the other women that have left prostitution as we continue to make disciples in some of the darkest areas of the world.

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