Sunrise Says Goodbye Song Backstory

After three years, the last rap song I wrote is finally ready to be released. Since I arrived in the Philippines, the Lord has been revealing to me more and more his heart for the lost. God has been showing me, through revelation after revelation, soul being saved after soul being saved, that Jesus is the Good Shepherd that will leave the ninety-nine to seek out that one lost sheep.

Over the last few years, I have seen many Unreached People Groups give their lives to Jesus Christ. Many of them, that if they told their family that they were now following Jesus, they would be exiled from their entire family line.

One time I saw a Muslim father bring his wife and child to the altar. I specifically looked at the Muslim dad and husband, who began placing his faith in Jesus in no other god. I began to think about what he was thinking about when he was on his knees listening to the Gospel of Jesus? What was he feeling when the preacher said that following Jesus will cost you everything in your life, but Jesus would give you the true freedom and fulfillment you were searching for? Then I couldn’t help but I think about the other millions upon millions of Muslims in the world that do not know who Jesus is yet, and my heart began breaking more and more for them.

Sunrise Says Goodbye was written from a place of prayer, in the midst of the field and trenches of salvation, two steps away from the burning fires of hell and the outstretched loving arms of Jesus Christ.

As you listen to Sunrise Says Goodbye, I encourage you to be in prayer yourself, about the love that Jesus Christ has for the lost.

Sunrise Says Goodbye Cover LQ

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