Ariela Loves Dancing!


Ariela love dancing! One time she was super tired, laying down in her mommy’s arm, cuddling and getting rest, while Walls Fall Down began playing in a room next to us. While she was closing her eyes she started dancing in her sleep! 😅

Walls Fall down is my most recent track. It was born from a need of looking for a song that would “break the ice” in our community outreaches. Often when you are in front of a new audience you need a hard hitting track that will cut through the atmosphere, grab their attention, and lead them to them through the storyline of Jesus’ life-changing love. This is where Walls Fall Down came from. Inspired from the Walls of Jericho falling down from the Book of Joshua. As we impact communities I see it like Joshua establishing God’s kingdom on earth. That’s where the spirit of Walls Fall Down came from. Ariela has heard it many many times.

I thought to myself, she never heard Dance in Your Gaze. Dance in Your Gaze is probably one of the happiest child like songs I have. Surely my little Ariela bugga-boo would love it. I started playing it on Spotify and sure enough my little bread basket of love started dancing to it!

As it was playing I started flash backing to my days in the International House of Prayer. I remembered when I first prayed about the chorus. The “I” just jumped out at me. I started building the whole song out of that one sound “I”. The chorus started replaying memories in my head of what I was feeling when I first felt like Dancing in Your Gaze.

That time of my life was incredibly difficult. The pressure and responsibility of directing for the first time was more than I could ever imagine. From gangs to drugs, to following Jesus, to backsliding, to my home Korean Church, to small group, then directing an international internship in the base of the largest prayer movement in history. When God wants to use you He will. As long as we say yes. He wasn’t looking for someone perfect. He was looking for someone after His own heart. Despite all the pressure, deadlines, and first-time responsibilities, Dance in Your Gaze was the song my soul was crying and singing out.

Dance in Your Gaze was written as I was taken into a place where I wasn’t just walking with God, or running with God, but I was DANCING with God. Completely taken over, in submission, in rhythm, in step, and enjoying every moment of Him. More than just a walk but a dance. A dance in the spirit. A dance of worship. A dance of obedience!

I take a look at my life, I
See the dance that I dance with Christ
I never wanna look away
My greatest passion is found
when I dance in Your Gaze

I can’t walk lest I waltz with Christ

I remember writing those lyrics. I was taken years back when I heard of the waltz. At first sight all I could think about was how beautiful the dance was. Then when I learned how difficult it was to learn it… 🙃 I didn’t learnt BTW. But when executed it’s amazing. This is how I imagined my life with Christ. Not just a walk. Not just any dance. But a beautifully skilled and enjoyable one. Even pleasing to the eyes of those who see it. Like David declaring the one thing he desired was to dwell in the house of Lord and gaze at His beauty, that is what I declared as I wrote this song.

One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.

-Psalm 27:4

Ariela seemed to like it. Hopefully one day I could explain it to her. If she doesn’t already get it at nine months 😉😂😀

– Tommy

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