YWAM Mission Trips

YWAM Mission Trips have a powerful impact on the country, region, community, and families they work with. Our goal is to see local leaders raised up, that will holistically finish the Great Commission, in the sphere and region of influence God has given them. From reaching unreached people groups, evangelism, Bible engagement, discipleship movements, compassion, and more, our aim to raise up a generation that will finish the Great Commission from every people group on earth.

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YWAM Mission Trip #1: Child Prostitution Victims

Stephanie (real name withheld) had just become an orphan. Things were tough and she didn’t know what to do. Then, she met someone who promised to ‘help’ and though she was barely a teenager, she was introduced to the red lights!

In some cultures, poverty is the driving force of prostitution. Girls sell their bodies to put food on their tables. We are aware that Jesus loves these girls too and so they are not exempt from the work of the Cross.

Some of them want to be free from that way of life but simply do not know how. (Continue reading here…)

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YWAM Mission Trip #2: 5 Hour Hike to Unreached Tribes


Every country has Unreached People in them. For example, America has 4.8 million Unreached People that live there. In the Philippines, one of these Unreached People Groups is called the Mangyan Tribe. Like many other indigenous tribes in the Philippines, they don’t believe in Jesus, but instead, believe in pleasing the gods found in animals and nature.

Our belief system affects our lifestyle. In many of these Animist Tribes, babies are left for dead, hanging in trees or crying in the dirt, because they don’t have a future or a Hope in the Poverty their family is living. (Continue reading here…)

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YWAM Mission Trip #3: 5,300+ Students Join Follow-Up Groups!

Since we began our campaign in Taguig, Philippines, over 127, 000 people have heard the Gospel of Jesus and there have been over 108,000 commitments to follow Jesus! These people have come to Christ in just over seven months of outreach. Trying to break this down, that was about 45,000 to 46,000 people giving their lives to Christ quarterly and about 15,000 weekly. That was an alarming number, and, in a way, it confirms Jesus statement that the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few. (Continue reading here…)

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More YWAM Mission Trips

Every year we help lead 300 YWAM Missionaries on the field in the Philippines and different Unreached Nations in Asia. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few! Learn more about our YWAM Mission Trips here.