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How to Have Fruitful Outreaches

The Lord gives us a pattern of how he wants us to transform the world. He laid this wisdom down in the Book of Acts, as well as, modeling it … Continue reading How to Have Fruitful Outreaches

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An Evangelistic Calling: Training and Tools Podcast

On average our full-time missionaries preach the Gospel to 10,000+ people and work in some of the most dangerous and unreached nations of the world. All of them started out not knowing how to evangelize or engage with a worldwide movement. Through rigorous training, some of the best in the world, and hours of dedication and prayers for the lost, they are able to be effective the second they place their feet on the mission field. Learn what they learned in our Impact Workshop Podcast Series.

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Good Christian Podcast for Everyone: First Love Series

Many believe that keeping our First Love first means praying and not going. Others may think to fulfill the Great Commission is going and not praying. Both are wrong. Living for our First Love is praying and going at the same time! The greatest place of intimacy is in our secret place while making an impact.

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Our Calling is Our Crucifixion

Working with hundreds of youth from the around the world has given me insight on a blind spot many of our emerging generation is bumping into. Often we associate our purpose in life with fun, entertainment, pleasure, and limitless possibilities. Then as our journey continues we stroll into struggles, tribulations, hardships, despair, and confusion. When these trials occur this is where I see a lot young-in-the-faith stop their walk with God. Currently, in our emerging generation less than 1% of the global population follows Jesus.