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We discovered that less than 3% of the emerging generation knows what it means to follow Christ or what it means to go to church on Sundays. That means about 97% of everyone under the age of 18 has absolutely no concept of what it means to go to church on Sunday. So, we had to be realistic and look at our strategy to see if what we were doing to see a transformation in people’s lives was that being effective.

evangelism training and tools

Evangelism Training and Tools Podcast

On average our full-time missionaries preach the Gospel to 10,000+ people and work in some of the most dangerous and unreached nations of the world. All of them started out not knowing how to evangelize or engage with a worldwide movement. Through rigorous training, some of the best in the world, and hours of dedication and prayers for the lost, they are able to be effective the second they place their feet on the mission field. Learn what they learned in our Impact Workshop Podcast Series.