Day 9: Hungering for Righteousness

Gaining new ground in the grace of God—growing in our hunger and pursuit of God—is the only way to keep the ground we have today. Our heart is either growing colder or hotter. The Spirit is willing to make anyone spiritually hungry, if they will begin to seek Him for it.

Meditative Scriptures

  1. Mt. 5:6
  2. Psa. 42:1-2
  3. Psa. 107:9
  4. Luk 6:21-26
  5. Joh. 6:35
  6. Joh. 4:13-14
  7. Rev. 7:15-17
  8. Song 5:1


  1. Give three examples of how someone who has Jesus as their First Love can still hunger for more.
  2. Describe the difference of fruit in someone that hungers for more of God and one that is content. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you hunger for Jesus on a regular basis?
  3. Explain how hungering for God bring us to take initiative when our team needs help. Give three examples in DTS where you can take initiative where help is needed.
  4. How would you pursue your First Love in a situation during outreach where you schedule is booked from 4am to 7pm with evangelism, for 5 days straight?

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